College  |  September 26, 2018  |  Haley Costen

What you’ll learn
  • How one extraordinary student is making college happen
  • That a little confidence can go a long way

Kate has big dreams to match her big personality. She’s a top student, involved in tennis, marching band, musical theater, film-making, piano, dance, and community service projects. She takes nothing for granted—every moment counts.

Kate won a scholarship—and you could too!

College scholarships aren’t just for performers and expert storytellers like Kate. There are scholarships for all sorts of students.

Just start with a Google search. Or better yet, use a free scholarship finder. Create a profile about your skills and interests and you’ll be matched to scholarship opportunities that might be right for you.

Get matched with college scholarships

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An illustration of a boy doing homework on his bed with a cat on his shoulder

You can win money by having fun

Not only can you find scholarships based on your unique skills—you might even enjoy applying for them. Scholarship applications aren’t always restricted to essay prompts. You could paint, film, bake, or design your way to a scholarship.

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