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Scholarships for Native Americans

A number of scholarships for Native American students are offered by private sources and various organizations.

Those who seek a higher education and come from Native American communities can benefit from scholarship opportunities specifically tailored to them as these can be effective ways to help pay for college.

The federal and state governments as well as tribal councils and schools recognize that Native American students make up a small percentage of many college campuses. Scholarships for minority students of Native American descent have been created in efforts to provide more opportunities for receiving a higher education.

Examples of Native American scholarships

Scholarships for Native Americans are specific and can be competitive. That’s not to say they are impossible to find or impossible to receive. For example:

  • The American Indian College Fund caters specifically to American Indian or Alaskan Native students attending or looking to attend tribal colleges or accredited public and non-profit private colleges.
  • The Bureau of Indian Affairs offers supplemental financial assistance to eligible American Indian or Alaskan Native scholars seeking a college degree.

Finding scholarships like these that focus mainly on ethnicity and background may seem daunting, but the key is to know how to target what you’re looking for. The Scholarship Search by Sallie Mae® encourages you to search for college scholarships based on your own personal criteria. So whether you’re looking for scholarships for Native American students or you’re looking for scholarships for engineering majors, Scholarship Search can help you find something that fits you.

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What’s next

Now that Scholarship Search by Sallie Mae can help you find scholarships, here are some ways to help put your best foot forward when you’re ready to start applying for them:

Tips on filling out scholarship applications

Tips on writing a great scholarship essay

List of scholarships

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