How to find local scholarships: A comprehensive guide

Find and win local scholarships

If you're a student looking to fund your education, scholarships can be an excellent source of financial aid. Many are available through national organizations, but there are also plenty of local ones that can help you pay for school. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to find those local scholarships.

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Start with your school or university

The first place to look for local scholarships is your school or university. If you're in high school, check with your counselor to see what sources they might have. If you’re in college, schools have their own scholarship programs that are available exclusively to their students. Contact your school's financial aid office or guidance office to find out what scholarships are available.

Check with your community organizations

Many community organizations offer scholarships to local students. This could include civic organizations like the Rotary Club or Kiwanis Club, as well as community foundations and other non-profit organizations. Check with these groups to see what scholarships they offer and what the eligibility requirements are.

Use scholarship search engines

Want the hassle taken out of searching for scholarships? Check out Scholarship Search by Sallie— your go-to for finding and applying for free money opportunities for school. Best part? You don’t have to register—and you can use filters to narrow down your search based on your background, major, the state you live in, and more. 

Research local businesses and employers

Many local businesses and employers offer scholarships to students in their communities. For example, a local bank might offer a scholarship to a student who plans to study finance or business. Check with these businesses in your area to see what scholarships they offer and what the requirements are.

Look for professional associations

Professional associations related to your field of study or career interests may offer scholarships to students. For example, if you're interested in pursuing a career in nursing, the local nursing association may offer a scholarship to a student pursuing a degree in the field. Check with professional associations in your area to see what scholarships are available.

Use social media

Social media can be a useful tool for finding local scholarships. Follow local organizations and businesses on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to stay up-to-date on possible opportunities. You can also join local scholarship groups on Facebook or LinkedIn to connect with other students and share information.

Check with your local library

Your neighborhood library may have information on local scholarships available to students in the community. The librarians in your town or city can help you locate resources or information to find scholarships.

Contact your state education agency

The higher education agency in your state may offer information on local scholarships available to residents. Contact your local education agency to see what resources they have available.

Ask your teachers and counselors

Your teachers and guidance counselors may have information on local scholarships available to students. They may also be able to help you with details on scholarships and their application processes.

Check local media outlets

Local media outlets, such as newspapers or radio stations, may feature information about local scholarships on their websites or broadcasts. Check these sources regularly to stay up-to-date on scholarship opportunities.

Local scholarships can be an excellent source of financial aid for students—free money that you don’t have to pay back. By using the resources listed above, you can increase your chances of finding local scholarships that match your interests and qualifications. Be sure to carefully read the eligibility requirements and application deadlines for each scholarship, and don't hesitate to reach out to scholarship providers with any questions you may have. Good luck in your local scholarship search!

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