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How America Pays for College 2023

Our study looks at how families paid for college and their perceptions about the value of higher education.

See how families pay for college

How America Completes College 2022

Our study looks at student’s journey to college graduation, barriers to completion, and opportunities to support their success.

Learn what leads to college success

College Confidence: What America knows about paying for college

Our research examines what college-bound students and parents know about financial aid, the FAFSA®, scholarships and student loans.

Explore high school families’ understanding of college financing

young male student is outside at school, looks down at his textbook with a pencil
How America Plans for Post-secondary Education 2020

This research report expands our understanding of how high school students and their parents save and plan to pay for higher education.

See how families are planning for higher education

MIM19_NoFeature.png, a happy young woman student sitting at home with her laptop, phone and headphones smiling at the camera. smaller version of report cover for Majoring in Money 2019
Majoring in Money 2019

This report explores how college students, college graduates, and young adults who left college without completing their program approach their personal finances.

See how young people manage their money

HAS-18-LRMobile.jpg A young woman lifts and kisses her child outdoors hike family. How America Saves 2018 research report cover
How America Saves for College 2018

Our report explores how parents with children younger than 18 are preparing financially for their child's education.

See how families are saving

LeadingResearch_HAP_Grad_625x265.jpg. Young woman writing in a notebook at home with phone and coffee. How America Pays for Graduate School cover small version
How America Pays for Graduate School 2017

Our report looks at grad students’ actions and attitudes toward graduate school.

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How America Saves for College


How America Values College


Majoring in Money