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  Majoring in Money 2019 

This report explores how college students, college graduates, and young adults who left college without completing their program approach their personal finances.

See how young people manage their money

  How America Values College 2018

Our report explores how families value higher education, choose schools, and make college more affordable.

See how families value higher education

  How America Saves for College

Our report explores how parents with children younger than 18 are preparing financially for their child's education.

See how families are saving

  How America Pays for Graduate School

Our report looks at grad students’ actions and attitudes toward graduate school.

View highlights of the study

  How America Pays for College 2018

Our national study looks at how families pay for higher education, how much they spent, and how they make their funding decisions.

See how families pay for college

  How America Pays for College 2017

Our report looks at undergraduate families' attitudes toward college, how much they spend, and the sources they use to pay for it.

View highlights of the study