Sallie Mae® Partnership Program

Help your families plan and pay for college

Flexible options to help families pay for higher education

Our tools and resources can expand your business and help your families take control of college financing.

A partnership with Sallie Mae lets you offer flexible private student loan products that enable students and their families to choose the best options for their needs. Plus, you’ll have the resources you need to help them responsibly close the gap between college expenses and scholarships, grants, and federal student loans.

Benefits of partnering with Sallie Mae

Paying-for-college tools and products

  • Loans for undergraduate and graduate students, featuring competitive interest rates and multiple repayment options
  • College planning resources, including FAFSA® tips and how to understand and compare financial aid offer letters
  • Our co-branded Scholarship Search tool with a database of 3.5 million college scholarships worth $18+ billion
  • Annual research reports on saving and paying for college
  • Comparisons of private and federal student loan options

Marketing and sales resources

  • A robust suite of tools to assist with the college planning process, helping establish long-term client relationships
  • An expansion of your product line with private student loans for both students and parents
  • Access to industry forums and webinars on topics affecting paying for college
  • Marketing support through free online content, banner ads, co-branded collateral, and email campaigns

Sallie Mae currently partners with many types of organizations to provide a referral private student loan program:

Banks | Credit Unions | Financial Services Companies | Financial Advisors | College Planners


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