SMB Private Education Loan Trust 2021-B

491,000,000 Class A Private Education Loan-Backed Notes 
Security Details:

Fixed Rate: 1.31% 
144A CUSIP: 78449Y AA8
Reg S CUSIP: U83088 AA9

40,000,000 Class B Private Education Loan-Backed Notes
Security Details:
Fixed Rate: 2.65% 

144A CUSIP: 78449Y AB6
Reg S CUSIP: U83088 AB7

100,000 Residual Certificates
Security Details:
144A CUSIP: 78449Y 100 
Reg S CUSIP: U83088 119

Date of Issue:
 May 19, 2021
Issue Amount: $531,000,000

Sallie Mae Bank

Indenture Trustee:
Deutsche Bank National Trust Company

Sallie Mae Bank

J.P. Morgan
Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC
Royal Bank of Canada