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A new Sallie Mae is on its way

Here’s why you’ll be seeing changes ahead

You’ve told us that you’re busy doing you—and what comes next for you isn’t the same as everyone else. You also let us know what we can do to make working together better, easier. We’re listening.

Supporting new possibilities

Yes, we’re still here to help you make college happen. But we can help you do more. Educational experiences—the things we all grow and learn from—more often than not aren’t formal, like classes, college, or grad school. They’re something new we try, experience, or work toward. They’re the things that make each of us who we are—spectacularly unique.

Each experience makes you a unique, amazing individual

So, what’s next?

Think about the next big thing you want to do. Maybe it’s going on a trip, turning your big idea into a startup, or making updates to your home. We’re changing so we can help you with the financial backing and resources to make it happen.

You’ll also begin to notice improvements to your overall experience with us, from the products we offer, to how you check your accounts, to how we communicate with one another.

We’re starting to look different

Our new logo represents how we’re all individuals, each with our own story. Our lives aren’t uniform, straight lines. The things we’ve done and the things we want to do define us and our journey. Your path ahead is our purpose.

This is just the beginning…with much more to come. Check out the press release on our new brand and what’s next for Sallie Mae.