Corporate governance

We are committed to upholding the highest standards in corporate governance and ethical conduct. Our policies, practices, and products are designed to earn and maintain the trust of investors, customers, employees, regulatory agencies, and other stakeholders.

The directors of SLM Corporation (the “Corporation”) share a strong commitment to principles of accountability to shareholders.

Environmental, Social, and Governance Report
Access our latest ESG report highlighting the company’s continued mission-aligned efforts to support customers, communities, employees, and the environment.
Environmental Social and Governance Report (PDF, 4.73MB)

Certificate of Incorporation
The documents filed with the State of Delaware that provide general information about the capital structure of the Corporation and the rights of its shareholders
Restated Certificate of Incorporation (PDF, 2.66MB)

The guidelines of the Corporation that govern the conduct of shareholder meetings, Board meetings and the general business of the Corporation
Amended and Restated Bylaws of SLM Corporation (PDF, 197KB)

Board Governance Guidelines (PDF, 463KB)
Information about the Board of Directors and its governance principles

Board of Director Bios
Biographical information about members of the Board

Officer/Director Stock Filings
Section 16 filings for Sallie Mae "insiders".
See “SEC filings” on next page.

Preferred Stock Certificate of Designation

Certificate of Designations Series B (PDF, 38KB)

The index for dividend payments on the Series B Preferred stock with an accrual date beginning after June 30, 2023 and a payment date after September 15, 2023 will transition to the adjusted 3-Month CME Term SOFR. The term “adjusted 3-Month CME Term SOFR” includes the Benchmark Replacement Adjustment of 26.161bps.

Committee Composition (PDF, 99KB)

Responsibilities for each committee

Sallie Mae Code of Business Conduct Code of business conduct applicable to the Board of Directors and all Sallie Mae employees

Related Party Transaction Policy (PDF, 85KB)
Sallie Mae's policy for reviewing transactions between the Corporation and "insiders"

Political Activity Policy (PDF, 420KB) Sallie Mae's Political Activity Policy is applicable to SLM Corporation and its subsidiaries and all of their officers, directors, and employees thereof, wherever located.

Communications with the Board of Directors

SLM Corporation’s Board of Directors may be contacted at the email link or mailing address below. Please indicate to whom your message is directed.

Corporate Secretary
SLM Corporation
300 Continental Drive
Newark, DE 19713