Our Bridging the Dream Scholarship Program for Graduate Students supports our mission of helping people create the life they imagine, and we are excited to announce year 2 of the program. It gives four hardworking professionals the opportunity to not just earn an advanced degree, but also chase their dreams of making the world a better place for themselves and their communities.

Meet our 2018 winners

Join us in celebrating four outstanding professionals who dream of making the world a better place for everyone.

Bridging the Dream Winner

Albert A.
Columbia University

Albert's pursuit of a graduate degree at Columbia is fortified by his own experiences, including overcoming both personal and educational obstacles. Albert finished undergraduate school at the top of his class, secured internships and volunteered in his community. He's also founded the Newark Cares organization, a non-profit focused on bringing attention to issues in the local community. Albert strives to make his story of perseverance an example to underrepresented minorities, showing that they can achieve their dreams with hard work and determination.

Bridging the Dream Winner

Cody S.
University of Chicago

Cody is passionate about service. While studying for his microbiology degree at the University of Tennessee, Cody was part of the university’s Haslam Scholars Program, which focuses on service learning, community leadership, the pursuit of knowledge through research, and civic engagement. Cody taught science experiments at Saturday Science, served as an RA, tutored through the university’s Student Success Center, and the list goes on and on. With his medical degree, which he begins this fall at the University of Chicago, Cody hopes to continue serving people either as an anesthesiologist or by working in palliative medicine.

Bridging the Dream Winner

Noor H.
University of California, Berkeley

She was inspired to start studying law after seeing her single mother try to navigate the legal system to get the child support she deserved. Since then, Noor has aspired to use the law to unite people. During her time as an undergraduate at Northwestern University, she co-founded Northwestern University Sustained Dialogue, a student-run program that brings diverse students together for conversation. Later, as an inclusion diversity strategist at Allstate Insurance, she spearheaded the company’s Transgender Education Program, a new training initiative that fosters an inclusive culture as employees transition gender identities. Noor hopes she’ll be able to use her law degree to continue advocating for diversity and inclusion in the workplace and beyond.

Bridging the Dream Winner

Tevin A.
John Hopkins University

Tevin has hit full stride as he prepares to study for his graduate degree. Named 2017 State of Florida Student of the Year, Tevin has big dreams for his post-graduate school life. With a master’s degree in biotechnology enterprise and entrepreneurship, Tevin hopes to become a leader and innovator in genomics. Tevin is passionate about helping students find more than their academic and career path in college. His key to success focuses in finding one’s personal mission, and that’s why in addition to his work in the biotech space, Tevin wants to work as an empowering speaker, inspiring people to become the strongest version of themselves possible.

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