Our Bridging the Dream Scholarship fulfills an important part of our promise to help families who aspire to a better future. It gives outstanding, hardworking high school juniors and seniors a chance to overcome financial obstacles that stand in their way of making college happen.

This scholarship also brings our mission to life, as employees across the company dedicated themselves to raising money to help fund the scholarships. From 5Ks to raffles, we’re excited to help give a boost as future dreams take shape.

Look who’s won the $25,000 Bridging the Dream Scholarship!

Join us in celebrating what extraordinary students can achieve with strength, perseverance, and determination. We are so excited and honored to help bridge your dreams and make college happen.

Kate G.
Ebensburg, PA

Kate grew up with a critically ill mom and acted as a primary caregiver during her mother’s final years. Despite the loss of her mom in 8th grade, Kate is an exemplary student, involved in multiple activities including tennis, marching band, musical theater, film-making, piano, dance, and community service projects. Mature beyond her years, Kate takes nothing for granted—every moment counts.

Way to go, Kate! We wish you the best as you pursue your dreams.

Bridging the Dream Winner

Peter Z.
Portland, OR

Displaced by civil war in Myanmar, Peter spent much of his childhood in a Thai refugee camp. After coming to the U.S., his father passed away. Peter stepped up to help his family and now wants the best education possible so he can one day support them financially. He holds a 4.0 while participating in soccer, drumming, tutoring, and volunteer activities. He’s fluent in three languages and is learning three others. When members of his refugee community need an interpreter or help learning English, they turn to Peter. His love of family and community is extraordinary.

Peter, you’re amazing! We can’t wait to see what you do next.

Damian L.
Lake City, SC

When he was just two years old, Damian's life changed course with the unexpected death of his father. His mother worked long hours to make ends meet for a family of ten. Without academic support at home, Damian struggled with literacy. But, when he entered 6th grade, he arrived determined to learn to read. Now in high school, he has consistently ranked as top of his class and is president of the Tri-M Music Honor Society, Ensemble, and the Gospel Choir. What's up next? College. Nothing will stand in his way.

Well done, Damian! Your determination is inspiring.

Kylie R.
Frankfort, IN

Kylie refuses to be defined by the extreme instability she's facing in her life. With the rock solid support of her grandparents and 4-H community, she's excelling academically, maintaining a positive outlook, and serving as a powerful role model for her younger brother. As a junior, she's taking all AP classes while serving on student council, being president of her local 4-H llama club, acting as captain of her volleyball team, and so much more! Working with kids is Kylie’s passion—and she plans to study elementary education in college.

Kylie, you’re awesome! May this scholarship help support all that you dream of and more.

Jobany Q.
Taylorsville, UT

Life hasn’t been easy for Jobany. After a devastating family tragedy and some bad life decisions, Jobany reached deep within himself to take control and turn his life around. While continuing to confront severe hardships, Jobany has become one of the most academically successful students in his school, an avid volunteer in his community, and president of his high school, an 1,800 student population. Under Jobany’s stellar leadership, his high school has become a significantly more welcoming community.

Congratulations Jobany! You’ve come so far—and just won $25,000 for college!

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Bridging the Dream

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