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Smart Option Student Loan®

When it comes to financing your graduate degree, finding a student loan that provides the best value is critical to helping you achieve your long-term professional goals. The Smart Option Student Loan® offers graduate students value — and much more — with:
  • Low variable interest rates competitive with PLUS Loan for Graduates.
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  • No origination fees
  • A choice of three repayment options designed to save you money1

Residency and Relocation Loans

Preparing to enter a residency program? A Residency & Relocation Loan can help pay for residency interview and relocation costs.

Bar Study Loan

Preparing to take the bar exam? The Bar Study Loan is designed to help finance bar review courses, exam deposits and fees, and other costs associated with taking the bar exam.


Additional Graduate Student Loan Information

Flexibility is key to financing a graduate education — and no one knows this better than a graduate student. Sallie Mae's graduate student loans offer flexibility — and much more — enabling graduate students to select a student loan plan that best fits their financial and professional needs.

Graduate students can also benefit from a host of other loan benefits, including: low variable interest rates, a choice of credit-building loan repayment options, paid-interest tax deductions, and 24/7 access to convenient loan management resources. What's more, Sallie Mae offers simplified graduate student loan approvals – even for students without a cosigner.


Encouraging Responsible Borrowing

Sallie Mae has helped more than 30 million Americans pay for college since 1972. We encourage students and families to supplement savings by exploring grants, scholarships and federal student loans before they consider a Sallie Mae private education loan.