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“I’m so thankful for college, because it is my college education that equips me with the tools I need to win in life.”
-Dee-1, hip hop artist, educator, and motivational speaker


The Dee-1 and Sallie Mae partnership

Dee-1 is heading out on the road with Sallie Mae for the “Dee-1’s Knowledge for College Tour,” to talk to students about how to plan and pay for college.


Dee-1's Knowledge for College tips

  1. Why go to college?
    • You can make more money if you have a college degree.
    • You’ll have career options.
    • You’ll meet new people and make connections you’ll value the rest of your life.

  2. How to pay for college?
    • Put your tax dollars to work and get your share of the $150 billion the government sets aside for students by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
    • Max out on money you won’t have to pay back, like scholarships. Apply for as many as possible, and do it early! If you wait, the money could end up going to someone else.

    • If you need a loan, borrow responsibly. My rule of thumb is to look at the starting salary of whatever career you plan to pursue, and don’t let your debt exceed that amount.

  3. Why having a college degree is important?
    • The degree is the key to finding a fulfilling future.
    • Earn the return on money you have spent, and remember: you’ll have to repay student loans even if you don’t graduate—and that will be much harder without a degree.
    • Take pride in successfully setting a goal, working toward it, and seeing it through to completion—a valuable trait to have.

Dee-1’s story

Born David Augustine, Dee-1 graduated from Louisiana State University with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. After graduating, he taught middle school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, before pursuing his musical dream and signing with RCA Inspiration records. After inking the deal, Dee-1 took part of his advance and paid off his student loans, which inspired him to write “Sallie Mae Back.”

With “Sallie Mae Back,” Dee-1 brought a new lyrical twist to the hip hop world: the promotion of financial responsibility. Dee-1 uses his experiences as a hip hop artist and educator to motivate others to fulfill their life calling and live with what he calls, “mission vision.” He strives to be real, righteous, and relevant and to be an artist that his students can be proud of.

The official music video for “Sallie Mae Back”

I just finished watching #SallieMaeBack. #Dee1Knowledge


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