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SLM Corp. annual reports and proxy statements

You may obtain, without charge, a hard copy of the most recent Annual Report on Form 10-K, which includes the Company's complete audited financial statements, by contacting Investor Relations by email at

2017 Proxy Statement (591 KB)

2016 Annual 10-K (1.94 MB)
2016 Proxy Statement (303 KB)

2015 Annual 10-K (4.99 MB)
2015 Proxy Statement (426 KB)

2014 Annual 10-K (20 MB)
2014 Proxy Statement (787 KB)

2013 Annual 10-K (854 KB)
2013 Proxy Statement (341 KB)

2012 Annual 10-K (722 KB)

2012 Proxy Statement (336 KB) 
Letter to Shareholders (47 KB)
2011 Annual 10-K (777 KB)

2011 Proxy Statement (221 KB)
2010 Annual 10-K (875 KB)

2010 Proxy Statement (269 KB)
2009 Annual 10-K (975KB)

2009 Proxy Statement (341KB)
2008 Annual 10-K (899KB)

2008 Proxy Statement (227KB)
2007 Annual 10-K (839KB)

2007 Definitive Proxy Statement - Special Meeting (514KB)
2007 Proxy Statement (212KB)
2006 Annual 10-K (835KB)

2006 Proxy Statement (131KB)
2005 Annual Report (1.7MB)
2005 Annual 10-K (962KB)

2005 Proxy Statement (133KB)
2004 Annual Report (926KB)
2004 Annual 10-K (513KB)

2004 Proxy Statement (403KB)
2003 Annual Report (6.0MB)
2003 Annual 10-K (487KB)

2003 Proxy Statement (541KB)
2002 Annual Report (440KB)
2002 Annual 10-K (403KB)

2002 Proxy Statement (442KB)
2001 Annual Report (1.0MB)
2001 Annual 10-K (300KB)

2001 Proxy Statement (114KB)
2000 Annual Report (513KB)
2000 Annual 10-K (469KB)