Student loan servicing forms

Download these student loan forms and follow the instructions for uploading, mailing, or faxing.

Authorization to release information

Use the Information Release Form to allow us to communicate with someone else on behalf of the borrower.

Auto debit

Enroll online or use this form to authorize the automatic deduction of funds from your bank account. 

Cosigner release*

If you're a borrower, you can request to release your cosigner from legal responsibility on your student loan with the Cosigner Release Application.

In-School Deferment*footnote 1

Postpone your eligible student loan payments with an in-school deferment if you’re going back to school. Check to see if your school provides us automatic enrollment updates. If not, you’ll need to work with your school to complete the In-School Deferment Request Form.

Internship/law clerkship/fellowship/residency deferment*

Use the Internship/Law Clerkship/Fellowship/Residency Deferment Request Form to postpone  payments if you’re participating in an eligible internship, law clerkship, fellowship, or residency program.footnote 2

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA)

Submit the SCRA Notice of Eligibility Form to request that the SCRA benefit be applied to your account during eligible periods of military service. Be sure to have the form completed by your Commanding or Personnel Officer before submitting it.

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footnote *May not be available for all loans.

footnote 1. The deferments listed are available to borrowers with Undergraduate and Graduate Student Loans. 

footnote 2. To apply for this deferment, customers and an official from the internship, clerkship, fellowship, or residency program must complete and submit a deferment form  to us for consideration. If approved, deferment periods are issued in up to 12-month increments. Customers can apply for and receive a maximum of four 12-month deferment periods. Interest is charged during the deferment period and Unpaid Interest may be added to the Current Principal at the end of each deferment period, which will increase the Total Loan Cost.