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K-12 Family Education LoanSM

Paying for K-12 private school tuition & expenses

Sallie Mae’s K-12 Family Education Loan is an ideal solution for families who need additional flexibility in paying for private education beyond financial aid, personal savings, or traditional payment plans. Get the money you need for tuition, books, computers, musical instruments, sports, room and board, and extracurricular activities.

No application fee or repayment fees

  • Pay off your loan at any time with no penalties.
  • Disbursement fees range from 0.00% to 3.00%.2

Set up a free Upromise® account

  • Turn your everyday purchases into cash back that can help pay down your loan.3

Enjoy total convenience

  • 24/7 online account management.
  • Easy online application—about 15 minutes is all you need.

Interest rates

  • Rates are variable, and start between 7.62% APR to 14.25% APR.2

Loan limits

  • Borrow the money you need up to 100% of the school-certified cost of your child's education.1


  • No application fee.
  • Disbursement fees range from 0.00% to 3.00%.2

Repayment term

  • No prepayment penalty.
  • Fixed 3 year repayment term.2
  • Principal and interest payments begin within 30 days of first disbursement.


  • You must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident and meet current credit and other eligibility criteria.
  • Applicants must be able to provide proof that the student is enrolled at an eligible school, either through school certification or by providing an enrollment agreement or tuition bill.4


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Encouraging Responsible Borrowing

Sallie Mae has helped more than 34 million Americans pay for college since 1972. We encourage students and families to supplement their savings by exploring grants, scholarships, and federal and state student loans, and to consider the anticipated monthly payments on their total student loan debt and their expected future earnings before considering a private education loan.

1 A disbursement fee of up to 3% may apply.

2 This informational repayment example uses typical loan terms available for the K-12 Family Education Loan and has a $10,500 loan with two disbursements, a 3% disbursement fee, and a 13.24% variable APR: 4 payments of $178.17, 31 payments of $375.09, and one payment of $351.30, for a Total Loan Cost of $12,691.77. Variable rates may increase after consummation.

3 Terms and conditions apply to the Upromise service. Participating companies, contribution levels and terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notice. Go to to learn more.

4 All institutions must be licensed or accredited by the department of education in the states in which they operate, if required by that state, or must be accredited by a recognized national education association. Applicants must be able to provide proof that the student is enrolled at an eligible school, either through school certification or by providing an enrollment agreement or tuition bill. You must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident. Applications are subject to a requested minimum loan amount of $1,000. Current credit and other eligibility criteria apply.

K-12 Family Education Loans are made by Sallie Mae Bank.

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