Meet Sallie Mae

Sallie Mae has helped make my dream of college a reality. - Michelle C., Massachusetts
Higher education is a stepping-stone to a better life. Even during challenging economic times, a college diploma or professional certificate is a key to opportunity.

At Sallie Mae, we’re proud to have helped more than 30 million Americans save, plan, and pay for the education that can offer them that key. It’s a responsibility that we do not take lightly. In our 40 years we have developed responsible education loans and innovative programs to help families start saving for college.

For those who need help paying for college, we encourage responsible borrowing. Use grants and scholarships as well as savings and income before taking out loans to pay for college. If families need to borrow, we recommend they explore federal student loans and then consider a responsible private education loan to fill the gap.

As a company, we uphold strict standards of corporate governance and believe that transparency and ethical conduct best serve our customers and investors. Above all, we are committed to helping turn our customers’ dreams of education into reality.


As the No. 1 financial services company specializing in education, our family of services supports support our mission in a variety of ways.

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Our leaders are committed to providing financially responsible options to help families save, plan, and pay for higher education.

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More than 40 years of innovation and change have helped us make a college education possible for millions of families across America.

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As a company, we place a high value on corporate philanthropy, ranging from giving back to our own communities to encouraging employees to volunteer.

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